WWW 2 Deportacija genocid…


1939. March of Time — outtakes — Prewar Hungarian Jewish Life in Ruthenia
synagogue in Ungvar (Uzhgorod), a town in Ruthenia with a large Jewish population. Ungvar was transferred from Romania to Hungary in November 1938. Star of David, detail on synagogue.

Men and women and young boy walking in courtyard of synagogue, Hebrew writing on walls of building. Munkacs (? It is not exactly clear when the location changes). MCU, travelling shot of an older man in profile, long white beard and hat, walking toward screen left. MS, woman wearing a scarf on her head, in peasant dress, walks through wooden gate toward camera, smiling, with a chicken or goose in her hands. A young girl, wearing a hat walks through a wooden gate, also carrying a chicken. Middle-aged man with moustache, wearing cap, walks through wooden gate toward camera, carrying chicken wrapped in butcher paper under his arm. The dope sheets indicate that the cameraman filmed th…

Stojko Gypsy

European Roma newspaper



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